WordPress Login URL- A Detailed Guide With Practical Illustrations

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WordPress Login URL

WordPress comes with lots of benefits that bring great results for both users and admin. It gives the liberty to manage a blog, website or a portal’s internal activities with ease. But, if you want to use WordPress, you need to log in to its WordPress dashboard. WP login is the initial step you require to proceed with your blog’s or website’s backend operations.

What Is WP Login And Why Do You Need It?

We can define WordPress login as WordPress website login or WordPress dashboard login. It’s all the matter of logging in to your admin panel where you get the liberty to modify and update things as per your preference. In easy ways, once you have finished WordPress Installation, you are eligible to log in to your dashboard or website.

It’s simply a web address you visit to monitor backend website activities. By entering to the website backend panel, you get permission to do anything you want to optimize your website or blog. You will be able to add new pages, create new posts, make changes in design and integrate more plugins to add functionality. In short, you have developed a website on WordPress CMS thus you need a WP login to enter into your dashboard or administrator area.

Finding WordPress Login URL

Many WP users/owners know what is WordPress login but they don’t know how to find it to proceed with the further website activities. Typically, WordPress install with a reliable hosting provider brings with it an easy way to access the WP backend panel. All you need to do is to add /login/ or /admin/ at the end of your official website URL.

Suppose, if your website URL is www.mywpwebsite.com, you need to simply login by entering


By doing so, you will be automatically redirected to the WordPress login page.

Case 1:

Due to any technical reason, if you are not able to get redirected to the login page, you can make it happen by using www.mywpwebsite.com/wp-login.php. as your WordPress login URL.

Case 2:

In another case, if you installed WordPress in a subdirectory, then it is recommended that you access your website by entering www.mywpwebsite/login/ or www.mywpwebsite.com/wp-admin.

Using this URL will help know whether you were previously logged in or your session is still running. If both the cases are correct, then you will be seamlessly redirected to the website dashboard else WordPress login page will be appeared in front of you.

WordPress Login

Here, you need to enter the username and password you used at the time of WordPress installation.

How To Remember Admin Page In WordPress?

Sometimes, you might find it difficult to remember your website’s login URL which restricts you from redirecting to the WordPress admin page. So, what do you do to recall the URL or use it to get access? The simplest way to get to the admin page is to bookmark the page to the browser you often use. Another best way to get this done is to add the WordPress login link to your website’s footer, menu or sidebar.

Process to add login URL to the website:

  • To add WordPress login link to your menu area, you need to first login and go to the admin area and then move towards Appearance >> Menus.

add login URL to the wordpress website

The above screen will appear to your PC. Now, you need to click on the Link tab to add your WordPress login link and related text. After getting this done, click on the Add to Menu button and your link will be added to your website menu. Your efforts will waste if you don’t remember to click on the Save Menu button.

  • The second and the best option is to create a widget (Meta) for your website. Using the widget adds the link to the login page, site’s RSS feeds and also to WordPress.org website.

You can do it by moving to the Appearance >> Widgets. Here, you need to drag the meta widget to your website’s sidebar. You can use Menu widgets in this case. The series of operations will seem like the below-given process.

wordpress login widgets

  • To get instant access to your WordPress panel, you can take advantage of the checkbox given underneath saying “Remember Me”. This will ask you to remember your login credentials every time you log in to the WordPress.

wordpress login panel

Do you know that you can also create custom WordPress login pages if you want a change in your WordPress login page? It can be achieved by creating custom login pages through WordPress login page plugins. Let’s have a look at these:

Best Custom WordPress Login Page Plugins

Now, you are running a WordPress website with a default WordPress login page. The best part is that the default login page can be customized if required. This means that if your website users want to login from a custom page, custom WordPress login page is quite a relevant answer to this.

The technique is extremely simple as it gets accomplished by using WordPress login plugin. Here, you need not go for WordPress plugin development as WordPress directory has N numbers of login plugins and these are truly amazing to create custom login pages for users. Let’s have a look at a few WordPress login plugins.

Theme My Login Plugin

To get the custom WordPress login page, first, focus on to install and activate the selected plugin to the website. Once you activated this plugin, you will get a custom login page which gets enabled and matches your existing WordPress theme. Now, when you go to the login page, you will observe a new login page which is somehow identical to the previous one.

Theme My Login

Here’s the customized login page enabled by activating Theme My Login WordPress login plugin.

It’s a powerful plugin integrated with many features like:

  • User Registration
  • User Login
  • User Passwords
  • Email Login
  • Custom Links
  • Auto-login

HC Custom WP-Admin URL Plugin

HC Custom WP-Admin URL

If you think that your website is under the risk of getting hacked, you have now the brilliant option to change the login URL of your login page to some other that only you could know about. But, you should change the settings with the name that would be impossible to guess for hackers. For example, if your WordPress login page URL is www.mywpwebsite.com/wp-admin or www.mywpwebsite.com/wp-login, you can modify it to www.mywpwebsite.com/banana.

It’s simple as you only need to go to the Settings >> Permalinks section which is also called WP-Admin slug. Just add the preferred WP-Admin slug as your new login URL and save the settings.

WordPress Admin permalink

WPForms Plugin

WPForms Plugin

Professional developers choose WPForms as the best WordPress form builder plugin. The reasons behind choosing this plugin are its powerful registration and login addon. Installing this plugin will allow you to create a custom registration and login form that you can use as your ideal WordPress login page. The best part is, you can achieve the final result in a few clicks. There are many other benefits and features that make it the powerful login page plugin in the market. It provides:

  • Drag & drop form builder
  • Responsive mobile friendly
  • Form Templates
  • Smart Conditional Logic
  • Entry Management
  • Instant Notifications
  • Easy to embed
  • Spam Protection

You can install WPForms plugin via WordPress.org plugin repository. Next step is to activate WPForms Lite. Now, you need to navigate towards the WPForms tab (which) appears at the bottom of your admin menu. By clicking on the “Add New” button to create a custom WordPress contact form.

Temporary Login Without Password

Temporary Login Without Password

Want to get rid of the risk of website hacking? This plugin will give your website an extra wing to protect itself. Using this plugin will provide users a temporary access without letting them creating an own account. This works simply as a simple web link which doesn’t need any password to unlock the dashboard. Here, you can also restrict the number of user access by validating the page with expiry date or time. An added advantage is that you can delete this page when you think it is not useful.

Temporary Login Without Password plugin

The process of installing this plugin will start when you unzip the downloaded folder and upload it to the ‘wp-content/plugins/’ folder. Now, you can activate the plugin by going to the ‘Plugins’ menu in your WordPress. After all these activities, it’s the time to go to Users > Temporary Login section and create a temporary login for users.

Login Lockdown Plugin

Login Lockdown Plugin

Generally, WordPress doesn’t lock its users to access even if they are not able to crack the WordPress login password after multiple tries. This may lead your website to the risks as hackers can track the password by using automated scripts. The best to remain away from this trouble is to lock the login attempts for unauthorized users. When Login Lockdown plugin gets activated, it limits the number of failed attempts which thereby disable login attempts from that particular IP.

This not only limits the failed login attempts but also provide an extreme level of security to the WP owners. Further, the WP access attempts conditions can be modified as per your convenience.

Login Lockdown WordPress Plugin

The similar installation process will be applied to this plugin too as you need to extract the zip file into your plugin directory and then activate the plugin to initiate. One can also customize further plugin settings if required.

Wrapping Up

Now, you would be able to login to WordPress website/dashboard. We don’t think you will need further information to get started with WP login. Just deeply go through the blog and you will find answers related to any of your WordPress login related question. Spare a few minutes in reading this blog will also give you practical insights about how you can get out of the hurdles of WordPress login.

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