Wix Vs WordPress: Major Differences You Should Be Aware Of

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It’s really daunting to choose the best website creation tool when you have ample of options. Here, we will focus on WordPress and Wix.


There is a discussion going on in the market regarding WordPress Vs Wix. People have started comparing both of these to select the best one for their next web development project.

Unquestionably, WordPress and Wix have become the great website development platforms and have attained a successful niche in the market. But still, people got stuck in the puzzle to choose the finest one between them.

Do you also think so! If you would be the one, what would be your choice then?

Today, WordPress has earned a great niche for itself as a full-fledged web development platform. If you are planning to create a new website, both the website building tools perform up to the mark. On the other hand, if we talk about the Wix, it also a powerful technology which gives you a platform to build professional, creative and functional web experiences.

Here, the question is which one is the best to choose for having a great website design for business boost. Or, we can say what are the merits and demerits of these amazing web designing tool.

To know more, have a look at the major differences between Wix and WordPress:

Website Design Price Structures

Deciding the cost factor is the most crucial factor for designing a new website. It entirely depends on the selection of development platform. But, do you know what cost do these platforms incur for website development? Let’s do this!

Comparing Development Prices


Wix is an excellent website development tool and provides its services for free. But with the basic plan, you will not be able to reap advantages of additional add-ons such as favicons, Google Analytics, eCommerce, etc. If you want to integrate and utilize other functions, you need to get your basic upgraded to the premium one which charge according to the project. It’s up to you which plan do you want to upgrade your website functionalities. You can choose to pay monthly or even yearly.

Apart from this, there are also few downsides of Wix as you will find the branded advertisements on the top and bottom of your web design. The other one is that you will not be allowed to change the URL name. It will automatically reflect as username.wix.com/sitename. It means you cannot customize the URL as per your convenience.


WordPress is an open source platform hence is absolutely free to install and use. The only thing you need is the domain name and web hosting to install the WordPress to the system. If you are confused then you can choose a web hosting service provider from the market. To start the web services, you can go with the basic web hosting plan which will charge less and ensures to provide a custom domain name. If you can exceed your budget, hiring WPEngine WordPress host will give you well-managed website hosting.

The cost of a WordPress website will only increase when you wish to integrate premium themes and plugins to improve website performance. This situation rarely occurs when someone is not satisfied with thousands of free plugins & themes available in the WP directory. Using the pre-existing WP elements reduces cost up to a great extent and add grace to your website without affecting the previous components.

No Need Of Intense Learning

Witnessing today’s scenario makes us understand that many of the website developers, especially the beginners don’t want to spend time on learning deep code. They want an easy and fast way to carry out their development process. Both of these platforms are good at it as these allow users to build websites without learning the hardcore code.


Wix is the platform which is enriched with the intuitive, visual and user-friendly interface. It provides designers the facility to create interfaces with ultimate drag and drop functionality. It is really painless to create a website with Wix. The best part is, if you are new and doesn’t know anything about how a website is being built, you are free to carry out your desire with Wix. Also, the platform has also upgraded with Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) to make web templates more powerful. There is no hassle in using the available features and functions as Wix makes it all easy with just a few clicks.


Despite one of the easiest open source platform, WordPress demands technical skills and in-depth platform knowledge. Undoubtedly, it’s quite easy to use this platform, but still, developers encounter issues while dealing with it. In this context, we can say that WordPress is not as easier as Wix. It is difficult to work on this absolutely streamlined CMS.

In Wix, you will be getting a variety of web development elements. From templates to hosting & widgets, everything will be here under one account with Wix. Choosing WordPress will only give you a CMS which you need to use and embellish as per your convenience. Further, like Wix, it doesn’t follow visual approach, thus if any customization is required in web design, coding part will definitely be there. So, if you want to make a website in WordPress, you need to work on coding part.

Features & Functionality

Wix and WordPress both are accredited across the market for their robust functions and classic features. Know both of them precisely.


Wix is a super website builder which supports excellent blogging and eCommerce integration. Apart from these two, there are other extensions that can be easily integrated to your website for better use. The tool contains a collection of free and paid add-ons. Users generally call it App Market because they find many add-ons under one roof. For example, this market is full of add-ons like Comments, Holiday Badges, Calendar for Events, Live Chat Option and many more.


Initially, WordPress was introduced as a blogging platform but soon it has developed as a feature-rich, robust and versatile CMS. From short portfolios to big stores, everything is possible with WordPress. Thanks to several themes and plugins that made developers task easier to design a website exactly what customer desires. If you want to broaden your website existence, you can use social plugins, SEO plugins, commenting system. etc. There is also a room for keeping the website safe from attacks. And, this can get accomplished by installing suitable safety plugins.

Design & Layout Options

What’s the first thing which excites users when they access a website? Of course, its unique design and appeal. It’s the most important aspect which plays a significant role in website designing. Know, the design options that Wix and WordPress provide to their users.


Wix has a store full of more than 500+ beautiful templates. You can from choose a variety of stunning and fully-customizable templates to design your business interface. Moreover, the tool also favors to design single page interface with the help of one-page templates. All the templates in Wix are responsive and perfectly aligned with HTML5. Undoubtedly, Wix provides extremely beautiful templates but, it is not possible with it to switch to another template if you want to bring changes to your website. However, it is feasible to make customization in the previous one.


WordPress is nowhere less than Wix. It has the power to build even complex websites without hassle. It has unlimited free and paid themes that can be availed as and when required. Here, free themes come with limited design support whereas paid ones come with new features and navigation options. No matter, what is the scale of your business, WordPress is here to create exquisite designs for small as well as corporate websites.

Customer Support

Customer support is the area where people can have the answers to all their technical queries.


When you explore Wix, you will find a vast support center there. Here, more than 262,000 posts are available that are related to the queries posted by the users. It is rare when people don’t get their queries resolved through the posted solutions. Besides, numerous tutorials, videos, email support and walkthroughs are available here to educate users about a particular Wix aspect.


Developing a website with WordPress doesn’t let you encounter any trouble. There is a WordPress community where answers to all the technical or normal queries are posted by the WordPress experts. So, there is no chance that you fail in your venture by following the experts’ guidance.

Final Thoughts:

Picking Wix or WordPress is a matter of choice for a web owner. There is no loss in choosing any of them as both of these are powerful and provide flexible web development environment. Wix is easy to use anyone can explore it without technical knowledge. If you have that potential to learn or devote your precious time, then WordPress would be an absolute choice to carry out professional website development.

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