Why WordPress is Preferred as the Best Platform for SEO

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Nearly 26% of all websites in the world are powered by WordPress, which is no doubt a reason to consider when developing WordPress websites. Right from the release of the platform in 2003, it has come a long way and now growing with some of the amazing updates to be as specific as it could. This feature-rich platform comes packed with amazing utilities that could be utilized exceptionally for developing the business websites.

WordPress for Seo

In case you are well familiar with WordPress, you know why it is just amazing to use. The platform is free, easy to use and asserts to have a number of plugins to be used for specific purposes. These add-ons help in the customizing the websites as per the specific requirement. More to it, there are themes that could also be chosen depending upon the specific needs.

Here is more on why WordPress is preferred as the best SEO platform and why you should also consider using it for the web development requirements.

  • Open source platform

WordPress is an open source platform, which makes it a powerful content management system also. Being an open source platform denotes that WordPress can be accessed by any of the users across the world to contribute to the ever-expanding community.

Additionally, the updates in the platform can be done easily, which is another reason for considering the platform for website development. WordPress has a number of inbuilt themes and plugins which make the web development task much easier for SEO professionals.

  • Easy website optimization options

Before we talk about easy WordPress optimization options, let us tell you that WordPress comes free of cost. Users can easily download it to initiate the website development task. A little technical knowledge can easily help the users set the platform.

WordPress has a famous “5-minute install” method to download and get the platform running on typical host provider. Because of this easy installation option, even the users who are not technically sound have the pleasure to work on the platform. Thus, there is no PHP coding involved, which is, of course, a relief for non-technical professionals.

When it comes to optimizing the website for better results, WordPress stands out of the crowd as it is integrated with inbuilt SEO plugins. Therefore, it works better, if you plan to hire expert SEO agencies to implement SEO tactics.

  • Effortless permalink settings

After the WordPress is installed, it is now time to head towards drop-down menu. Here you will find a section “permalink”. In this section, you will find default links that have already been generated while downloading the platform.

The default link in the permalink must be optimized with specific links that are post relevant. The settings can be done by browsing through settings > permalinks. You need to work on the “custom structure” to specify the links or the permalinks.

  • Mobile optimized platform

Being responsive is the need of the hour for the websites. With Google’s new algorithm, websites need to be responsive i.e. they must be uploaded easily on any of the platforms irrespective of the size of the device.

WordPress helps in the development of mobile-optimized sites as the platform is now responsive and could easily help developers create exceptional websites that are responsive in the approach. It is also going to help in the improved ranking of the site over the ones that are not built responsively.

  • Array of themes and plugins

WordPress has a rich ‘themes and plugins’ directory that could be chosen depending upon the requirements of the websites. In WordPress, there is a plugin for every possible task that needs to be accomplished while developing a user-centric engaging website.

While plugins do the task of extending the features, themes, on the other hand, help in providing an attractive look to the websites. With thousands of themes and plugins available with the WordPress, users get the ridiculous number of options to customize the websites.

  • Fast website loading time

With a WordPress template coded efficiently, WordPress sites will load faster. A faster web loading speed is always going to please the users and additionally contribute to the improved web ranking.

WordPress websites generate search engine friendly HTML codes, which search engines crawl upon easily. Thus, by choosing WordPress as your ultimate website development platform, you are going to enjoy a better web ranking. Websites’ visibility will also be improved further.


WordPress is just exceptional from every point of view whether it is from SEO’s perspective or from developers’ point of view. The former part helps the websites rank well and for the latter, a number of options are there to work on for a better output. In addition to this, WordPress has a core community support that contributes to solving the issues that rise along with the use of the platform. Thus, with so many inbuilt options, it is just impossible to beat the popularity of the WordPress among other content management systems.

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