Top WordPress Footer Plugins to Attain Impressive Results

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On an average, website owners do not give so much attention to the footer section. But, they must focus on this area as it works as a channel to attract and hold visitors’ attention. If you are one of those business owners, you must consider WordPress footer edit to make this screen space more impressive. You can also use custom footer WordPress plugin for footer optimization and gain the best advantages.

Usually, this section is filled with copyright information, policies and boring legal stuff. But, if you use them wisely, they help you reap varied advantages. You can rely on WordPress footer plugin. Here are some plugins at your glance that help you in code snippets insertion to accomplish various functions-

Best WordPress Footer Edit Plugins

Header and Footer

This plugin provides centralized location for adding verification codes for varied services such as Bing, Google Analytics and Alexa. These service generate codes at a single place, you need to copy those codes without altering the theme. This means to say that you will be able to modify these themes later on without having to lose the codes. These codes are not only good for header and footer, but you can also use them in middle, bottom or top of the content.

Podamibe Simple Footer Widget Area

This is a superb WordPress footer widget, which enables you to build footer area from 1 to 7 as per your theme requirements. It works the best to create fascinating custom footer for WordPress as it renders pre-built widget. This plugin of WordPress, changes footer copyright info accordingly by allowing you to include organization information along with the copyright information. For this, you can get assistance from a relaible WordPress plugin development company.

Some free features-

  • Multilingual translation ready
  • Addition of third party widget is possible
  • Goes well different themes
  • Pre-built widgets available
  • Credible footer options

For altering copyright text, you just need to navigate the Theme Options -> Footer. This will take you to the Footer area options. Here, you will find a field entitled with ‘Copyright’.

Insert Headers and Footers

If you want to insert code related to Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics or Custom CSS in the footer or header of your website, this plugin will prove to be your best companion. This allows you to follow the process without modifying theme files.

Ad Inserter

Some business owners love this tactic to display varied advertisement services on their footer area. This is the best plugin for them to include banners, Google AdSense and Amazon Native Shopping advertisements. Apart from advertisement management options, Ad Inserter also offers options to include HTML, CSS, JavaScript or any advertisement code anywhere on the website. With this plugin, you can follow desired WordPress footer edit.

Footer Putter

Being a business owner, you need to be transparent in terms of your service offering. When you make legal policies and information based on your website available for all, then it enhances the authenticity of your business. Footer Putter plugins helps you build two widgets based on Trademarks and Copyright. The copyright information is updated every year to stay away from any negative signal from Google. To authenticate your business, you can add terms and conditions, accreditions, phone number, address and name. It is up to you that you want to build single or multi line footer.

WP leFooter

You can choose leFooter WordPress plugin if you want your footer to move up finely. With this plugin, you only need to use jQuery and get varied slides in animation effects. This is a custom WordPress footer plugin which provides different color options and 5 predefined textures and themes. It goes well with most of the standard WordPress themes. The plugin allows around four columns in a moment that can occupy widget content. If you want to hide the widgets, you can do it for particular device such as mobile, iPad, desktop, etc.

Personal Admin Footer

It might be possible that you do not like to go with generic tag “Thank you choosing WordPress” at the bottom of your site, then you can use this plugin to change it whatever tag you wish to add on all pages. It is not applied to the network admin page. No hard setting is required, you only need to start its installation and activation. This plugin automatically pulls your website’s home URL address and name from the page of general options from the WordPress dashboard.


This plugin allows you to build header and footer for each individual page of the site. It is a wonderful drag and drop custom WordPress footer plugin that helps you create infinite footers and headers that too without implementing any code. You also have an option to implement ready-made modules that provide infinite effects. It enables you to add video backgrounds in footer or header. It also allows you to import and export footer and header from one website to another. It goes well with WordPress themes and there is no requirement of other plugins.


We complied the best list of WordPress footer edit plugins, but the list is not confined to it, you can explore more as per your specific needs. Make sure whichever method you opt for, you should go ahead with making changing in child theme file. If this will not be the case, you may lose the modification when you update it on the main theme. If you merely wish to modify the layout, then make editing in style.css and leave template file.

Modifications will impact the theme which files you are changing. If you select any other theme, you require editing the respective footer template file. It is up to you that you want to edit theme directly or you want to do it via admin panel. Stay tuned till we appear again with more trending posts.









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