Incorporate Useful WordPress Integrations Using IFTTT To Automate Your Website

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Social media is an undeniable fact in this digital world and if you are a business entrepreneur you cannot overlook it. Entrepreneurs often ask that how they can correlate their WordPress website with social media platforms in order to attain better user interaction. What If you find an exclusive way to relate your website to social media networks? Yes! You heard it right. Now, this can be proficiently achieved with the use of IFTTT. It stands for – If, This, Then, That. You must be wondering that what the IFTTT term is and why it is used to get favorable marketing results? To get proper insights, have a look at below details.

Facts of IFTTT:

IFTTT is a free web-based service which is widely used for the creation of a chain of simple conditional statements. These chain statements are known as Applets that are triggered by the changes seen in other web services/social platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, etc.

In simple words, IFTTT is an absolutely the simplest platform marketers utilize to automate their social activities. It empowers marketers by allowing them to create special apps that have the potential to manage a business’s social posts and shares. Currently, IFTTT owns more than 1,000,000,000 Applets that are successfully running on 25+ platforms to ease social sharing of businesses. IFTTT which is exclusively created for WordPress assists in sharing website content directly on the social media platforms and that too within seconds. IFTTT is familiar with WordPress and helps effectuate different website related tasks to smoothly grow a website’s online presence.

If you don’t have a WordPress website then you can still get your WordPress development done by hiring a professional developer. They provide you best in class WordPress web development services and serve you with advanced website which can be easily integrated with social media platforms. So, if you want constant and quick popularity for your business, it is better to have a WordPress website on-board.

Importance of Automating Social Media Networks With WordPress Website

As discussed, IFTTT is a highly simple but useful way to automate social media tasks you generally perform on a daily basis. With this, you can create an applet which effectively connects your WP website to Tumbler. This results in ease of website owner’s work as all the posts published on Tumbler get automatically uploaded to your WP website. This saves users time and helps them post the content without any hassle.

Some Striking Features of IFTTT in contrast of social media:

  • Connect WordPress website to different social media platforms.
  • Create structured applets that automatically performs a rote task.
  • App customization facility is also here with IFTTT settings.
  • The best part is, users can build apps and share them with IFTTT community to explore more.

These are only a few instances that IFTTT Integrations execute to enhance UX of your WordPress website. If you want to know more, you need to go through the below points that effectively explain the other exclusive advantages.

Selective WordPress Integrations Using IFTTT:

Share Posts To Facebook, Twitter And LinkedIn

Share post on Social Media

With the use of this exceptional applet, users can perform triple duty at one time by integrating the WordPress website with Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. It is obvious that you have used these networks as these are the major among all. So, when you set this IFTTT app, you will be allowed to share your entire posts or a limited section of content to these three social media platforms. The only demerit of this is that it won’t let users skip any of given networks if they are not supposed to use it. To separately post content on these, you need to have different applets.

Share New Posts By Adding A Specific Tag To LinkedIn

In contrast to the first one, this functional applet focus on sharing content using only a single social media network which is LinkedIn. It is a reliable and the best way to connect with other professionals in the industry. It also helps in attracting customers by sharing informational posts which automatically improves a brand’s credibility. LinkedIn posts sharing can also be done by determining a specific category or tag. By doing so, the related posts to your site will be automatically shared on the associated LinkedIn profile.

Pin All New Posts In Separate Category Using Pinterest Board


Promoting your brand through Pinterest may not be your prior decision, but choosing this will not negatively affect your business as it is popular all over the web for reliable references. This applet of IFTTT makes users job easy by enabling them to select a tag or specific category to which they want to link their posts to promote. Here, the added link usually accompanied by a unique title and image. The best thing is that users can choose any of Pinterest board to post their projects, crafts, tips and different kind of stuff.

Turn Selected Instagrams Into Photo Posts


Today, people are using Instagram on a wide scale and often shares pictures and videos to interact their followers. Similarly, if you are a business owner, you can also attract your targeted customers by sharing pictures to your blogs. With this high-performing applet, you will have the liberty to automatically publish Instagram pictures on your published blog. In case, when you don’t want to upload all the pics to the platform, you can signify that with a hashtag and restrict selected pictures not to be shared with any platform.

Cross-post From WordPress To Tumbler

wordpress tumblr

In today’s cut-throat competition, each website owner wants everything big and double. To avoid risks, they started using more than one platform to share their business associated posts. Both the platforms contain truly informational content which attracts readers. Users manually share content on too many WordPress blogs. But now, with the help of a new applet, content will be posted automatically on the connected platforms. For instance, if you own WordPress & Tumbler as your promotional platform, then your post will be shared from WordPress to Tumbler.


Currently, everything has become digitized which generates the need for automation. No matter, you own an online blog or website, you have much to deal with. Automation in this contrast is highly valuable as it takes the repetitive task from users hand and provides them the facility to get their post shared automatically on different social media sites. The introduced IFTTT applets are highly beneficial and perform well when integrated with a blog or WordPress website.

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