Google’s Pioneering Step For The Improvement Of WordPress Ecosystem

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So far, Google unveiled many updates in their products and brought impressive innovations among the audience. This time, the update is not about the Google itself but it’s a big announcement regarding Google and WordPress partnership. You must be wondered after hearing this and thinking the reason behind this great move. Well! It’s true and the fundamental reason behind this biggest step is the enhancement of WordPress Ecosystem.


Google Rolled Out Remarkable Facts To Accelerate WordPress Ecosystem

Google’s partnership with WordPress is really an unpredictable news. But, now when this has happened everyone should focus on the core idea behind this big deal.

Basically, Google’s aim was to give a jump-start to WordPress and its latest web enhancement frameworks. More importantly, Google’s team involved those facts that directly influence web performance and mobile experience. To accomplish this seamlessly, Google also emphasizes to hire WordPress professionals.

The fact can’t be denied that from past many years, Google invested heavily to improve the web development realm. The company gives a new shape to the domain by hourly working with developers, open-source community and search engine community. The only aim was to bring the value of new technologies and practices adoption in the limelight.

WordPress in all manners proved as one of the largest and robust CMS which owns approx 59% market share. The ratio has been increasing with the number of WordPress users. This is the proof why WordPress is said to be a fine ecosystem.

Further, a study elaborated that over 20,000 people are literally making money by using WordPress. Freelancers, bloggers, professionals, consultants and companies are the name of a few. Similar to them, there are many other WP users who consider WordPress as their earning tool.

After having a basic idea of Google partnership with WordPress, it’s the time to discuss the major motive of this noticeable association.
Which is…

Google’s Act For WordPress Speed & Mobile-first Approach

As Google already spread out many updates related to website speed. Here too, Google is focusing on enhancing the website speed. You can also consider this news as a speed update which will extend its scope in July 2018. The best part is, the approach will work by using the mobile page speed as a ranking factor. It will automatically increase the results for mobile searches.

Mobile first-index has started playing a significant role in providing the excellent ranking to all the websites having mobile versions. Now, the emphasis is more on mobile searches. It simply depicts that the websites that result in slow loading and low mobile performance turn to provide a bad user experience. This ultimately impacts site engagement and conversions. To overcome such obstacle and speed-up websites, Google brought AMP project in the market. Since then, the company frequently urges open-source developers and the entire community to adopt the technology for better business outcomes. But still, the results are not up to the mark as the technology adoption is slow among tech-lovers and web owners.

True WordPress Facts & Conference Discussion

The true stats of WordPress are not hidden that state that the platform owns 29% share from a total of 59% overall CMS equating. Thus, according to Google, it makes sense to partnering with the fast-growing platform to expedite the goals of having faster, advance and better web presence.

To explore the hidden advantages with WordPress association, Google showed interest in a WordCamp held in the US in December. It was the largest WordPress developers event that happened there. A Developer Advocate from the Content Ecosystems Team at Google was also there in that WordCamp and represented his thoughts regarding this big program.

He said – “Our goal was to engage with the WordPress community and start a discussion around the performance of the WordPress ecosystem.”

The major objective was to bring the CMS issues into the limelight. In the event, Google shared finely accumulated data through a presentation where each and every issue clearly demonstrated numerous fundamental problems of CMS. They were the websites’ poor performances in terms of speed and page load timing. Here, WordPress got defeated from the non-WordPress sites.

Open source development platforms have always faced code bloat, performance challenges and security issues. This struggle has seen less from past couple of years where stats say that the open-source based websites have shown some improvements in the development of core code. But, if you explore today for such improvements, you will find that WordPress website pages are still lagging behind from non-WordPress pages.

Fantastic Decision Made By Google

Finally, Google took the initiative to expand their team at Google and dedicate it to advance the WordPress for better Ecosystem. Adding more to it, the collaboration also focuses on enhancing the platform’s ecosystem to meet today’s web experience parameters with the help of the latest technologies like Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Ending Notes:

Managing WordPress websites along with enhancing their speed and performance is tough. By hearing the concept of PWA, analysts were looking forward for such tactic introduction that seamlessly tackle all the related plugins and WordPress features. There were inventions but that were not fit best for the websites. They started expecting other attempts with low bandwidth content and service workers. After such big hassle, it seems that WordPress agreed to include AMP project or related functionality to its core. This brings a sense of trust for the new partnership between Google and WordPress.

Hope, you like this enthralling update! We are also waiting to see the magical transformation in web industry through this unmistakable association.

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