Blank WordPress Theme – A Step Towards Ingenious Development

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If you are thinking to get started with WordPress theme development then naked / blank WordPress theme assists you by providing a quick start with a solid foundation.

Blank WordPress Theme

You must be aware of the fact that WordPress is an incredible platform for designing websites and blogs. It can be easily handled by anyone who has knowledge of it. In this fast growing era, many users don’t have time to learn WordPress codes and techniques, hence want an immediate solution to draft their layout. Blank WordPress theme is the best solution for them.

What is Blank WordPress Theme?

No matter for what purpose you want to develop the theme, the great way to start the process is by using a blank WordPress theme. You can pronounce it whatever you want like blank, naked, base or starter, it will work same as the starting point from where you can create your own theme. Basically, these are the pre-built frameworks which save a lot of time that users waste in rewriting the theme codes over and over again.

Why Use Blank / Naked WordPress Theme?

Why do you start from scratch when you are having all the required files with functionality and styles at one place? Open source community is really great as it takes all the pain of developing creative themes and plugins to ease the workflow of WordPress users. Due to the WP community, we all get facilitated with creatively developed naked WordPress themes that allow us to build and move things intelligently.

It is obvious that sometimes skilled WordPress users also face lots of problems in developing themes. In that case, they must take assistance from professional developers or hire WordPress developer to get their doubts cleared. You can count on PSDtoWordPressExpert in this context as it is the reliable name for developing elegant blank WordPress theme as per client’s prerequisites. Here, we develop customized frameworks by integrating flawless markup codes that help you avoid the stress of comprehending the base code work.

For the ease of WordPress users, we have hand-picked some of the best WordPress starter themes that come with enhanced features and specially created for responsive integration.

Selective List Of The Best Blank WordPress Theme

1. Responsive – Blank WordPress Theme

If you are in search of an amazingly integrated starter theme to build a stunning website, responsive blank WordPress theme by CyberChimps is the best option you can proceed with. The theme is known as a flexible foundation of a web design containing fluid grid system which adapts the existing website into smartphones, desktop versions and many other smart devices. This beautiful theme comes with 11 Widgets, 9 Page Templates, 6 Template Layouts and 4 Menu position options. Aside from normal design, the theme is WooCommerce compatible and helps developers build fully navigational shopping stores for online ventures.

2. Underscores – Blank WordPress Theme


Underscores is another open source naked wordpress theme which is probably the most popular starter theme. Developed by Automattic, the creators of WordPress, the theme is flawlessly written in HTML5 and CSS markups. The clean code and well-maintained framework help you quickly build a theme which is compliant with WordPress theme standards.


3. Bones – Blank WordPress Theme

Bones - Blank WordPress Theme

Bones is also a WordPress naked theme solely developed with a focus on mobile-first approach. It specifically uses SaaS and comes with ready to use code to create custom dashboard functions & custom post types. The theme is perfect for beginners as the well-documented CSS makes it easy for users to understand and mold the theme as per requirement by making minor changes.

4. Naked WordPress – Blank WordPress Theme

Naked WordPress - Blank WordPress Theme

This is one of the great blank WordPress theme for people who are passionate about learning WordPress theme development. It is a well-commented & inline theme which lets users understand what is actually going on while creating a WP theme. Users can consider this theme as a combination of WordPress tutorial + starter theme.

5. WP-Flex – Blank WordPress Theme

WP-Flex - Blank WordPress Theme

WP-Flex is counted as the responsive WordPress starter theme which is introduced with exclusive features such as sample data for unit testing and strict compliance with the official WordPress theming. Through these special features, WP developers can enjoy the ease of work.

6. JointsWP – Blank WordPress Theme

JointsWP- Blank WordPress Theme

This theme is built with Foundation 6 and providing you the flexibility and power to face challenges while building complex websites. It helps you create beautiful layouts with JavaScript off-canvas features and basic styling for common elements without starting from scratch.

7. BlankSlate – Blank WordPress Theme

BlankSlate - Blank WordPress Theme

BlankSlate is an extremely flexible and simple base WordPress theme, designed by keeping the developers’ concern in mind. This theme is basically a middle gateway between building themes from the scratch and using any big naked themes such as Underscores and Roots.

8. Components – Blank WordPress Theme

Components - Blank WordPress Theme

Developers also experimented a new starter theme called Components. This theme was a way to create some other theme types having different components. Also known as the generator, the theme is built to segregate different components to make small yet simple themes.

9. Sage – Blank WordPress Theme

Sage - Blank WordPress Theme

Sage is counted one of the modern blank WordPress theme built by using Bootstrap, Gulp and Bower technology. To perform well, it uses a Theme Wrapper which helps users avoid rewriting the same code repetitively in every template. The best part is, Sage is actively maintained and get automatically compiled into the designed theme assets.

10. FoundationPress- Blank WordPress Theme

FoundationPress - Blank WordPress Theme

You can rely on one of this best starter WordPress theme based on Foundation 6. It is admired as the advanced and most responsive framework which acts as a handy tool box incorporated with essentials needed to build a WordPress design. It comes with powerful customization features and clean semantic code which ease the work pressure of WP theme developers.

11. CyberChimps – Blank WordPress Theme

CyberChimps - Blank WordPress Theme

CyberChimps is an open source HTML5 responsive drag and drop blank WordPress theme designed with utmost precision. It is a Bootstrap based theme comes with touch-friendly options panel which allows users to design and customize their website using the given functionality.

If you are among the passionate WordPress users and need a blank WordPress theme to make your development easier and speedier PSDtoWordPressExpert is the one stop solution. Here, we professionally develop themes and frameworks through which you can conveniently land your requirements.


The aforementioned free blank WordPress themes ensure to make your website development highly convenient. This blog covered almost all the crucial facts and frameworks required to build a robust WP website. We hope our blog assist you to find the best starter WordPress theme to carry out your WP development. We hope our blog assist you to find the best starter WordPress theme to carry out your WordPress theme development.

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