WordPress 4.9 : What New Features Are Coming With Updated Version?

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Today, WordPress has become the fastest and easiest content management system which is expanding its realm across the industry as a fantastic online publishing platform. The community of WordPress developers adds more features and functionalities to it in order to make WordPress more powerful and easy to use. It has made WordPress web development easy and far better as it allows extension of functionality to a website as and when needed.

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Since its launch, WordPress has been continuously indulged in bringing something new to users. Along with advanced features integration, the WP community also works on updating the version for better browser & system compatibility. This time WordPress has come up with an updated version named WordPress 4.9. The updated version is also pronounced as the WordPress 4.9 Beta 1 which has brought a variety of exciting features & functionality for developers to experiment with. However, it hasn’t been released yet but it is in high discussion among WP users nowadays. Officially, the new WP version will be released on 14th November but there are few exciting features that the community revealed about it.

Here, we are discussing what are the new features integrated into the WordPress 4.9.

Go ahead to get deep insights:

Draft, Preview & Schedule The Changes

The updated version i.e., WordPress 4.9 is highly beneficial as it allows users to save the modified changes as a draft. With it, one will get the liberty to preview the changes and modify them if needed. While working on it, it will help you to schedule the tasks and provide the facility to toggle between draft and publish. This better aids in reviewing and finalizing the theme customization for clients. This is a major update of WordPress.

New & Advanced Gallery Widget


With this new feature, WordPress facilitates users/developers by reducing their hassle of adding images into a website. WordPress 4.8 brought with it a media widget where developers can anytime integrate images along with the rich text. Now in WordPress 4.9, users will find a gallery widget where anyone can create a customized gallery and seamlessly add, delete and edit images from there. Besides choosing the images from the gallery, one can also select the number of pictures, order, size and columns that are to be displayed.

Effortless Media Integration With Text Widget

Earlier in WordPress 4.8, a Visual Editor in Text Widget was there to insert media. That was not simple enough as it required to have a basic HTML & CSS know-how to add images in WP text widget. With WordPress 4.9 Beta 1 version, users will have an “Add Media” button through which they can simply integrate images, short videos, audio clips or any other media file in the existing Text Widget.

Better Environment For Menu Creation

Menu creation is one of the important and tough parts of WordPress web development which can only be meticulously carried out by a professional WordPress development company. Working with the previous WordPress version 4.8, developers often face complexities while creating menu for websites. Majorly, they get surprised when they don’t find the added menu in the appropriate location in the list. This problem has been completely resolved in WordPress 4.9 as it prompts for the name and location during menu creation and places the desired one at the same place.

Improved Code Editing Features

Developers are so excited with the update and waiting for the time when they use it to eliminate all their coding hurdles. It seems WordPress 4.9 will prove to be beneficial for providing better code editing environment to developers. Here, they will get an enhanced WP code editor for theme editing, custom CSS and plugin editing. A feature named CodeMirror has been introduced this time to observe an exceptional coding experience which developers can see by navigating to Customizer > Additional CSS.

Excellent Theme Browsing Experience In Customizer

Customizer contains a variety of tabs to modify website/blog look & feel. When you will experience working with WordPress 4.9, you will see an amazing improvement in theme switcher tab which exists within customizer. Here, the themes get separated in two tabs installed themes and new themes which help users filter their required ones easily.

Global Notification Feature

For any changes made in websites, WordPress doesn’t generate failure or success messages. It only pushes a notification which describes the course of action. Further, there is no predefined location where notifications get displayed. By now, WordPress websites will get a separate Global Notification Area where user can see notifications for all the changes made.

Try Out WordPress 4.9 Beta 1 For development Flexibility & Better Results

Apart from the mentioned ones, it provides a few other features to improve WordPress development. Here these are:

  • Time & date control feature in customizer
  • An added support of MySQL server to ensure connection with IPv6 hosts
  • Updated MediaElement.js
  • Allow using max-length for default captions
  • Video creation date storage facility
  • Ask for the confirmation link when user wants to change the email id
  • Final testing suites (core & unit) are compatible with PHP 7.2.

Bottom line:

We hope that we have explained each WordPress 4.9 feature manifestly. Now, it is your turn to implement all these for your WordPress web development. To make this happen, you can also hire WordPress developer who is passionate and abreast of each WordPress update. The list is prepared on the basis of some disclosed features of WordPress Beta 1 update. This may not be an end as after launch, you may also observe other improved features in WordPress 4.9.

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