Why to Opt For Responsive WordPress Website! 5 Irresistible Reasons

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One of the major challenges in setting up a strong web presence is to offer a consistent experience across a wide array of devices and screen sizes. This brings the need for responsive WordPress website. A responsive site instantly detects the device, on which it is being accessed and adapts to the screen accordingly. We recommend you to own a responsive website as it not only adjusts to every device appropriately but also keeps your content consistent across diverse screens. Depending on the orientation of mobile, your Smartphone will show different versions of the site ie. landscape or portrait.

Responsive WordPress Website

Ways To Check If Your Site Is Responsive

You can even check, whether your website is responsive or not. Just resize your desktop browser window by dragging the bottom right corner towards the left corner to get the mobile phone’s dimensions. Now, see if there is any scroll bar at the bottom of the window and if it is there, then the site is not responsive.

Check out these tools that will help you determine that if your site is responsive:

A recent study shows that the scope of responsive design is likely to widen in the coming years. In the US alone, nearly 29% of the internet users have shifted from large screen desktops to the mobile phones for the browsing and many websites such as Bishop Lifting EquipmentAfshin Nasseri, webgranth, & inkyROBO have been created using responsive WordPress themes and templates.

Some amazing facts that may change your outlook are:

  • Based on the stats 2013, WordPress was downloaded more than 46,000,000 times in just 12 months, which splits into almost 126,000 downloads in a day, around 5,250 per hour and over 89 in a minute.
  • Over 60% of the user’s surf the internet using their mobile devices & around 51% email opens on the mobile devices.
  • According to the stats 2014, WordPress is a leading content management system with over 43% share in the top 100k sites & around 51% of the top one million websites.
  • Over 70% searches on mobile lead to the action on sites within an hour. Almost 40% users ignore the sites that do not appear well on the mobile phone and switch to the next site.
  • With around 64% sites that still do not use a content management system, 36% are CMS-based sites out of which, WordPress receives over 60% share, which is more than 21% of all the sites on the web.

At PSDtoWordPressExpert, we recognize the importance of responsive design and therefore, offer 100% responsive WordPress website for incredible user experience. Our intimate passion and commitment towards the web development allow us to explore the options as well as possibilities that WordPress offers. We make use of the best industry practices and well-proven strategies to provide you a fully responsive website, crafted using WordPress. Through our responsive WordPress design service, we help you stay ahead of your competitors and keep up with the current market trends.

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