Proven Ways To Make WordPress Themes Fast & Flexible

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Creating a captivating WordPress theme is the most crucial yet primary task for a developer which can only be achieved with proper insights and immense WP skills. WordPress themes are considered as the staircase to achieve a world-class WP solution which not only performs better but also fulfills business needs without any hassle.

WordPress Theme Development

Most of the developers and WordPress beginners seem distracted when it comes to carrying out WordPress theme development for their website. However, there are thousands of paid and free themes available on the web but selecting the best one and making it worth integrating to the website is still a serious concern among web owners. If you are a developer then you definitely might have come across the problem of establishing the perfect balance between a theme and a fully developed media-integrated and feature-rich WP solution.

Take a closer look at the circumstances that need to be observed while finding the absolute ways to place synchronization between high-performing WordPress theme and providing users the flexibility to use the themes as per their requirements.

What To Look For WP Theme Flexibility While Coding?

To code a WP theme for the general public or to be distributed on various, facts need to be considered.

A flexible WP theme may be developed by:

  • Sticking to the elegant and simple designs.
  • Integrating a limited number of features into your WP themes as more features require more processing potential and resources which ultimately impact theme performance.
  • Adding minimum page templates to make a theme function better.
  • Cutting down the database queries and perform only the ones that are more required.
  • Reducing the integration of heavy images and media files so that the theme could load faster.

Undoubtedly, these facts are outstanding and help you carry out theme development without hassle. But, being a WP theme developer, if you follow the above-mentioned facts, you may not satisfy the customers in terms of better user-experience. Everyone today is looking forward to having a theme they can turn into a pretty layout incorporating numerous out-of-the-box functionalities. So, to give them a flexible yet super delightful theme experience, you need to find out some other groundbreaking techniques.

What About Incorporating Themes & Plugins Together?

Although, it is nice a concept and even most of the web owners are building their WP website integrating themes and plugins altogether. Plugins are utilized to add functionality and themes give a captivating appeal to the users. When both plugin and themes are integrated, they provide a WordPress solution which is said to be perfect in terms of appeal and functionality.

Over the web, you may find some multipurpose themes that are well-unified with different functionalities. But, using these themes may lead your website towards complexities as when the theme changes all the functionalities that are coupled with it will also be gone. So, it is better that you always try to integrate themes and plugins separately.

For example:

  • Separately added plugins never put a user at risk like a well-coupled plugin integrated theme.
  • Ready to use themes come with various drawbacks like when these get deactivated, all the registered changes and custom modifications will also get deactivated. You will not face this problem with separately incorporated themes and plugins.
  • Separately combined plugins and themes save space as they do not keep unnecessary codes and tags.

Smartly Implement Graphics & Images

Images are the best ways to attract users towards anything you want. Besides, it is also true that graphics & images put weight to the themes which make them load slower. It is not that you can’t add them into your themes, but you need to do it smartly. Such as:

  • The true guideline is to use few images to your theme.
  • Use CSS blend modes and filters on the low resolution to make images compressed and less pixelated.
  • To create stunning visual effects, you can also implement CSS blend modes and filters on different HTML text & elements.
  • Integrate the images having an appropriate format to make them web optimized.
  • Implement the technique of lazy loading for images which will result in faster page load and excellent performance.

Closing Thoughts:

During WordPress theme development or integration a WP theme, you need to be little careful as customers always demand performance and flexibility at the same time. Here, in this blog, you will find the absolute and easy ways that assist you in establishing synchronization between the flexibility and performance of the themes. Being a web owner or a theme developer, if you adopt the aforementioned techniques, surely you will succeed in your venture.

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