How Can WordPress Plugin Installation Be Secure for Developers?

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We know that WordPress is an open source platform which means it is free to be accessed. WordPress plugins are its major part and considered the best for enhancing the functionality of a website. However, developers download this to develop the websites and blogs, but nowadays it is very crucial to keep it safe from the hackers and frauds. These are the bad fellows and can harm your website by stealing the source code of your plugins.

WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress development is incomplete without its highly functional plugins. These plugins are well-acknowledged as the pre-coded functions that are ready for use and work as plug and play programs. Generally, these are used to improve the functionality of the website and blogs. Users can install a broad variety of plugins from the directory to make their website highly functional yet appealing.

The sole purpose of installing WordPress plugins is to accelerate a website with advanced functionalities. With the assistance of WordPress Plugin Development, it has become convenient for the technical experts and the non-technical users as well. These not only help in advancing a website with functionality but also protect the website from the brutal attacks of intruders.

In this context, it is mandatory to consider the security aspects while installing the WordPress from the directory. Developers should think from the perspectives of the website safety. Plugins are integrated to the websites after getting developed, thus the security techniques should be implemented at the time of installation. It is also said that all the pre-built plugins are not safe to use and you have to take the wise step while choosing them for your WordPress Solution.

WordPress Security Monitors – Way to examine WordPress Plugin

Now, a critical question arises that how can one optimize the safety of installed plugins? The answer for this is the WordPress Security Monitors. With the help of these monitors, users are able to check whether the installed WP has the spyware or malware. Using these monitors, the developers get to know the ratio of malware and hacking of a plugin. Further, the monitors effectively scan the directories and extensions to make a website free from any threat or vulnerability.

Basically, the WordPress Monitors are proficient in identifying the malicious and vulnerable codes by applying a root-level scan. After the scan, users can see the malware in the form of virus, file infections and worms. Just to divert the attention of the users to another website, hackers and frauds usually put malware codes to the plugins. It can be for the reason to infect the functionality of the website. If this continues to a website, it can lead to blacklisting. Therefore, it is extremely important to use the WP security monitors on a regular basis to scan and remove the harmful malware functions from the website.

You can consider below-mentioned security monitors:

  • 6Scan Security
  • WordFence
  • Sucuri Security
  • Acunetix WP SecurityScan


Since its introduction to the industry, WordPress has matured enough to become affordable, easy to access, and reliable content management system. This is a powerful platform which has provided a plethora of opportunities for developers to build websites having advanced functionalities.

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