5 Proven Ways to Secure Your WordPress Website Login Areas

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Are you using WordPress? Well, it’s a great choice. Easy to use, powerful SEO and loads of great site management features made it world’s number one content management system. But, some risk factors also come with its worldwide popularity. As it quickly attracts users towards it, WordPress also invites hackers who try a number of possible ways to exploit your website. But you don’t need to despair, you can effectively protect your website from numerous hackers’ attempt with proven WP security factors.

WordPress Security

WordPress is a quite secure content management system and application framework. But, it can only be secure if you contribute your efforts to make it safe. There is nothing to be shocked. Your WP website security depends on you. You must be wondering, how it can be possible? Does WordPress have not the potential to make a WP website secure? Of course, all will be done using WP security techniques, but if you want to get the security features implemented automatically, it cannot be done. Instead, web owners should employ their security tactics on their own.

The best way to apply security to the entire website is the login area. It is the easiest way to analyze the exploiting and unauthorized access to your proposed website. Though, it is common for WP developers to access the backend details of a website in order to get login credentials. But, if they provide full-proof security to their website, no one can get the courage to access or hack it. Login area of a website is a convenient way to enter and exploit a website. Hackers only need to crack the login information and they will succeed in their mission.

Here, we are going to mention some amazing yet powerful hacks that should be implemented by WordPress website owners to ensure better security of WordPress login area:

Strong Login Credentials

Being a WP web owner, you must be aware of the significance of strong usernames and passwords for maintaining a website security. To empower the website, it is important to protect it from hackers and exploiters. Easily understandable usernames and passwords proved as a plus point for hackers as they can predict them easily and enter into the website. General username and password can be “admin” and “123456” that can easily be accessible by anyone. So, to strengthen your website, make strong username and password which could not strike in hacker’s mind easily. Keep this important note in your mind to sustain security of your website.

Keep Login URL Hidden

Keeping login page hidden from the unauthentic users will enhance your site security. Using this hidden technique, you can delay any attacker from accessing the website login page. For this, you only need to use the Stealth Login tactic which obfuscates login URL from something else like login.php/domain.com. This type of URLs is not easy to be discovered in a widespread internet world. This feature is available in WP directory, you can directly use it from there.

Alleviate Login Attempts

Cracking login details is all about the matter of time. Sometimes, there are no restrictions to the login page even after making numerous login trials. You should be careful about it. To overcome this problem, web owners should confine every login with a limited number of access so that unauthenticated user cannot enter to the website. To implement this functionality, you can use WP plugin which is specifically developed to accomplish limit login purpose. Further, through this plugin, you can also get the IP address of hackers PC which would be beneficial in blocking or blacklisting those users.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication is considered as one of the best ways to prevent unauthorized access to a WP website. By implementing this technique, the website will be able to generate one-time-password (OTP) and send it to the registered user’s number. It is clear that to get into the website hacker must register itself which he will never do due to the fear of getting caught. TFA is being used by many of the big shopping websites to secure the login and payments of users.

Employ Lockdown Feature To Ban Users

Putting the light on login lockdown feature will make developers and web owners stress-free. This single feature can resolve all login related security concerns. This WP feature is ultimate as it ensures complete security by locking users when finding two or maximum three failed logins. Therefore, if unauthenticated users or hackers will try two or three wrong login attempts, automatically, the site will get locked and the information about unauthorized activity will be instantly sent to the owner. In this way, you can save your website stuff to be polluted.

Final Words:

If you are still not curious about your website security then you can face a big challenge in the future. Even you can lose the entire data and stuff of your WP website. So, be ready to implement mentioned tricks and protect your website from any trouble.

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